The Bermuda IOD Fleet

The Bermuda International One Design Fleet is the oldest actively raced fleet in Bermuda, and in 2012 celebrated a history of 75 years of competitive world-class racing. The IOD design has its roots in a Six-Metre yacht named “Saga”, built in 1935 for Eldon and Kenneth Trimingham of Bermuda. The first five IODs arrived in Bermuda in 1938. Since then, IOD fleets have been established internationally, and now actively race in Norway, Sweden, Canada, the east and west coasts of the USA, and Bermuda.
Many of Bermuda’s preeminent local and internationally ranked sailors have at one time actively sailed an IOD, including Eldon Trimingham, Warren Brown, Bert Darrell, Penny Simmons and Peter Bromby.  Two of these local sportsmen, Penny Simmons and Peter Bromby have attained the title of World Champion, defeating contenders from Norway, Sweden, Scotland, Bermuda and the USA. The IOD is the boat of choice for the prestigious King Edward VII Gold Cup Match Racing event held each year in Hamilton Harbour. The International One Design can inarguably be considered the most recognized sailing fleet in Bermuda. 
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